Our Services

We offer a full range of services related to high performance computing power. We empower the most disruptive industries that consume computing power. We are at the heart of ML and AI.

GPU Cloud & AI Training


Sesterce, as an official NVIDIA partner, leads the way in AI cloud computing, offering cutting-edge GPU solutions tailored to your computational needs. Our HPC services feature the latest GPUs as a service for AI computing, delivering unmatched performance and scalability. Harness the power of our state-of-the-art infrastructure and accelerate your AI innovations with Sesterce

Green HPC Datacenters


Sesterce's Green HPC Datacenters redefine efficiency and sustainability in computing. Powered by renewable energy sources, our datacenters utilize an advanced heat management system to recapture and reuse heat, reducing overall energy consumption. Coupled with an innovative immersion cooling system, our servers maintain optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact. Choose Sesterce's Green HPC Datacenters and contribute to a greener future while maximizing your computational capabilities

Desk of GPUs Distribution


At Sesterce, we specialize in Desk of GPUs Distribution, providing a comprehensive solution for both individual miners and large-scale GPUs operations. With access to top-tier mining hardware, including the latest GPUs, we ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our worldwide distribution network guarantees prompt delivery, and our dedicated support team is on hand to assist with setup, maintenance, and any other needs. Trust Sesterce for all your mining and GPU distribution requirements, and join us in powering the future of decentralized technology.



Sesterce specializes in creating containerized data centers optimized for GPU operations. These state-of-the-art facilities are designed for high-performance computing, offering scalable and flexible solutions for GPU-intensive tasks. With advanced cooling and power management, Sesterce's containerized data centers ensure optimal GPU performance. Ideal for AI, machine learning, and graphics processing, they provide a turnkey solution for diverse computing needs. Sesterce's commitment to efficiency and innovation positions them at the forefront of GPU data center design.

XPool, by Sesterce Labs


Xpool, our innovative mining pool, leverages cutting-edge AI technology to run optimized algorithms across multiple blockchains. As an award-winning solution recognized in an Innovation contest, Xpool offers an on-demand, tailor-made service to our large-scale customers. By maximizing efficiency and adaptability, Xpool stands at the forefront of mining solutions, providing unparalleled performance and strategic advantages for those serious about mining excellence.

ArX, The Revival of the Async Chip


Xchip Arx, the Green Asynchronous Chip developed by Sesterce Lab, represents a breakthrough in energy-efficient HPC computations specialized for blockchain. This next-generation technology achieves a remarkable 40% reduction in energy costs, setting a new standard for sustainable and powerful computing. Honored with several awards like the I-Nov French National Innovation Award, Xchip Arx stands as a testament to Sesterce Lab's commitment to driving the future of blockchain technology while adhering to responsible energy practices.