Start selling crypto mining hardware now !

Sesterce operates mining centers in more than 7 different data centers around the world. Our operations are entirely powered by clean hydroelectric power.

You can have access to our infrastructure without having to deal with the technical aspects of the business.

Sesterce will provide you with a monthly catalogue of the most reliable and profitable miners at the moment to maximize your profits while your audience will have access to the lowest priced ASIC's on the market.

Sesterce White label allows you to

Increase your profits and provide value.

You already have the audience, you only need to start. By proposing directly to your audience a wide range of miners you will increase your revenues, diversify your revenue stream and grow your audience even further.

Monetize your audience

A fair revenue split :

50% on the margin


Net income already generated :



Audience reached :

563 000


Partners already on board :



The most competitive prices for you :

According to asicminervalue.com

Launch Process

Sesterce White Label will be ready in under 7 days !

Get In Touch

Contact Sesterce's technical team to know more
about our offer. We will answer all your questions.

Project Planning

We will assist you in defining your needs and we will monitor your project every step of the way. Our marketing team will also assist you in order to make sure that you reach the largest audience possible.

Project Development

Once we defined your needs together, we'll strart proposing to you different catalogue of miners ranging from top ASIC's like the Bitmain S17 to profitable GPU rigs. You can also decide to include our Cloud Contract offer to the Sesterce White Label package.
Then, we'll help you design the platform to you graphical standards.

Time to launch!

Once your platform is ready to launch and designed, you're ready to enter the mining industry !

Earning Profitability

This an estimation of the potential revenue you can make thanks to the platform. (Based on existing customers)

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Our First reference customer in France,

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Sesterce's mission is to set up an eco-system around blockchain assets with an increasingly wide range of services.

Our group has been developing a strong and genuine expertise in the blockchain industry over the past few years. We have the largest catalogue of mining and investment services. Our group was born through the merger and acquisition of the largest blockchain players in Europe. Our intention is to become a global player and the world reference in the blockchain industry.

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