Harnessing the H100: How Tensor Cores Revolutionize AI Training & Inference

Supercharge AI: Discover H100 Tensor Cores for faster, more efficient training and inference.

Harnessing the H100: How Tensor Cores Revolutionize AI Training & Inference
Written by
Youssef El Manssouri
Published on
Mar 8, 2024
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7 mins

Picture this: you're pushing the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can do, but it feels like there's a bottleneck limiting your progress. Training those cutting-edge models takes forever, and running them for real-world tasks eats up your budget in a flash. That's where speed and efficiency become the make-or-break factors in the race for AI innovation.

Get ready, because NVIDIA's H100 Tensor Cores are here to change the game entirely. Think of them as specialized accelerators inside the GPU, engineered to supercharge AI calculations. This revolutionizes both training (teaching AI models) and inference (using them to make predictions). With the H100, researchers and businesses can train larger, smarter models faster than ever before, all while driving down costs.

Tensor Cores 101: Your AI Accelerator Explained

Think of your GPU (the graphics card powerhouse) as a super-fast number cruncher. Tensor Cores are like specialized units within the GPU that are insanely good at one particular type of math: matrix multiplication. You might not think of it this way, but loads of AI tasks – from image recognition to language understanding – boil down to these massive matrix calculations.

Why does this matter? It's the difference between training an AI model on a regular CPU (think days or weeks) versus blasting through it on a GPU with Tensor Cores (think hours).

The Evolution: Powering Up with Each Generation

NVIDIA has been perfecting Tensor Cores with each GPU release. Let's compare it to the older A100, a beast in its own right:

  • Speed: H100 Tensor Cores crank out calculations much faster. This means smoother training experiments and snappier AI applications in the real world.
  • Flexibility: Tensor Cores in the H100 adapt to handle different number formats. It's like having a tool that automatically picks the right wrench size – this lets AI systems find the sweet spot between accuracy and speed.

Tensor Cores aren't just about doing the same things faster – they open up the possibility of new and more complex AI models that weren't achievable before.

The H100 Tensor Core Advantage

FP8 Transformer Engine: The Language Model Game-Changer

Large language models (LLMs), like the ones powering those crazy-realistic chatbots, depend on a specific calculation type called Transformers. The H100's FP8 Transformer Engine is engineered to handle these with breathtaking efficiency. It can balance speed and precision on the fly, like automatically shifting gears in a car.

Real-world impact: Imagine a chatbot that goes beyond scripted responses. It could grasp the subtle sarcasm in your question or offer tailored advice based on the whole conversation history. That nuanced understanding needs both speed to be conversational and precision for accuracy.

Speed Boosts: Leaving the A100 in the Dust

Let's talk numbers. Early industry benchmarks suggest the H100 can train some AI models up to 2x faster than its predecessor, the A100 (already a monster!). During inference (actually using the AI), that performance jumps even higher.

Why it matters: Faster training means researchers can test more ideas in less time and get groundbreaking results sooner. For businesses, speedier inference translates to serving more customers without breaking the bank on cloud compute costs.

Efficiency Gains: Greener AI

Here's where things get interesting. While the H100 offers more raw power, it's also remarkably energy efficient. In some cases, it delivers significantly higher performance while drawing less power than the A100.

Implications: The AI field has a notorious carbon footprint. The H100 represents a shift towards both smarter and more sustainable AI development. Businesses and organizations won't just save on their power bills, but also play a part in lessening the environmental impact of cutting-edge AI.

Real-World Impact: Where the H100 Shines

Computer Vision: Machines That See Like Never Before

Imagine a self-driving car that needs to instantly identify pedestrians, road signs, and other vehicles in a complex scene. Or a factory robot arm that has to pick tiny, irregular parts off a conveyor belt. That's where real-time object detection and segmentation come in. H100s make complex computer vision tasks like these not only possible in real time but dramatically more accurate.

Impact: These improvements enable safer autonomous vehicles, precision manufacturing automation that can adapt to different products, and even medical image analysis with the potential to assist in earlier diagnoses.

Natural Language Processing: AI Gets Chattier (and Smarter)

The massive language models (LLMs) behind those impressive chatbots keep getting bigger and more complex. Training these models can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. The H100, with its FP8 Transformer Engine, helps to break that bottleneck. Additionally, by speeding up inference, H100s enable those chatbots to become lightning-fast conversationalists, capable of understanding subtleties and providing nuanced responses.

From virtual customer service agents that handle complex requests to AI tools that assist researchers and writers, the H100 ushers in a new era of human-AI interaction through language.

Scientific Research: Supercharging Discovery

Many fields of science rely on massive simulations and computationally demanding AI models. Whether it's simulating protein interactions to speed up drug discovery, or using AI to create realistic climate models, the H100's performance and efficiency put groundbreaking research within reach.

Researchers won't have to wait weeks for the results of complex experiments. This speed boost and reduced cost can potentially lead to faster disease treatment development, better climate change prediction tools, and a whole range of scientific advancements made possible by AI.

The Sesterce Advantage: Harnessing the H100 Without Breaking the Bank

We get it. The H100 represents a massive leap in AI capability, but accessing that kind of cutting-edge hardware can be expensive… especially if you're locked into rigid contracts with big cloud providers. That's where Sesterce changes the game:

  • Cost-Effectiveness is Our Core: We've built our platform with savings in mind. Our pricing can be up to 73% lower than giants like AWS, GSP, and Azure. This means you can dedicate more of your budget to actually advancing your AI work, not just funding your infrastructure.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Flexibility: Forget about getting stuck with unused computing power. Our second-by-second billing ensures you only pay for the exact time you use the H100 GPUs. Experimenting with a new model? Need extra power for a short-term project? Our approach fits your needs, not the other way around.
  • More Than Just Hardware: It's not just about access to affordable H100s. Our infrastructure experts take care of the complex behind-the-scenes setup and ensure your data centers are secure. Plus, we leverage industry-leading tools to streamline your resource management. This lets you focus on using the power of the H100 for innovation, not getting bogged down with IT overhead.

With Sesterce, you can tap into the transformational power of NVIDIA's H100 and accelerate your AI projects without sacrificing your budget or flexibility.


AI's Future Looks Faster, Smarter, and More Efficient

The fourth-generation Tensor Cores within NVIDIA's H100 have redefined what's possible in AI. Their ability to streamline complex calculations, boost speed, and reduce power consumption opens a new era for both AI research and real-world applications. It's about achieving AI breakthroughs that were previously out of reach due to cost or computational constraints.

The Next Step: Experience the H100 Advantage with Sesterce

Don't just let this game-changing technology be something you read about. At Sesterce, we make it our mission to put the power of the H100 within reach. Our cost-effective, flexible platform gives you the resources to revolutionize your AI projects.

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