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Brevets & Research Articles
Discover our latest research articles on asynchronous chips and AI

In our Resources section, you will discover our latest research articles on asynchronous chips and AI, reflecting our commitment to cutting-edge innovation. Additionally, we are excited to share that we are actively preparing a series of patents for each of our groundbreaking technologies, ensuring that our innovations continue to shape the future of computing.

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Xpool Usecase
Leading the Way in Mining Excellence

Recognized as an award-winning solution in an Innovation contest, Xpool is renowned for its efficiency, adaptability, and unparalleled performance. It proudly stands at the forefront of mining solutions, delivering strategic advantages to those committed to mining excellence.

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Innovs Awards 1-2
Award-Winning Innovation in Sustainable Computing

Celebrating Excellence with the Innov Awards. Innov 1, recognized by the French Ministry of Research, honors Xchips for its pioneering 40% energy cost reduction in sustainable computing. Innov 2 acknowledges ArX's contributions to blockchain technology and sustainable energy practices, showcasing our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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ArX Usecase
Advancing Blockchain Technology with Responsible Energy Practices

ArX is at the forefront of sustainable and powerful computing. With its innovative approach, ARX achieves remarkable energy efficiency, setting new standards for the blockchain industry. Explore ARX to witness how Sesterce Lab is shaping the future of blockchain with a commitment to a greener and more efficient tomorrow.

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Sesterce Vision 2030

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XMEV - White Market Making & Arbitrage
Enhancing the trading experience on blockchains

XMEV, a pioneering technology developed by Sesterce Lab, is dedicated to enhancing the trading experience on blockchains. Powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms, XMEV focuses on reducing spreads in order books while promoting responsible practices. It exclusively engages in White MEV (Miner Extractable Value), contributing positively to the blockchain community, enhancing Blockchain Trading with Responsible AI-Driven MEV Reduction.

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