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AI SuperCluster Memory Optimizing Solution

Sesterce is setting new benchmarks in AI research with its Xpool AI Project, a novel initiative that uses the company’s expertise in microchip technology to enhance AI training on GPUs. The project introduces a sophisticated base command manager tool that not only optimizes GPU memory through advanced algorithms like page attention but also offers a unique feature allowing users to rent GPUs at no cost. This approach not only boosts the efficiency of AI training processes but also democratizes access to powerful computing resources. With Xpool AI, Sesterce is reshaping the landscape of AI technology, making it more accessible and efficient for a wide range of users.

AI Cluster Containerzied Solution with heat reuzing

XWatt, an innovative containerized solution for AI training clusters, is setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the tech industry. This 100% green solution utilizes Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) systems to efficiently manage heat, which not only enhances the performance of the hardware but also allows for the reuse of heat, contributing to energy conservation. The flexibility of XWatt's container model means it can be easily transported and adapted to various locations, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a mobile and adaptable AI training infrastructure. With XWatt, companies can now power their AI endeavors with a solution that is as sustainable as it is powerful.

ArX Usecase
Advancing AI COMPUTING Technology with Responsible Energy Practices

ArX, an innovative initiative by Sesterce Lab, is developing a European-made asynchronous inference chip for high-performance computing (HPC) needs in AI. With its asynchronous architecture, ArX operates efficiently under variable loads, reducing power consumption and enhancing computing infrastructure performance and sustainability.

Sesterce Vision 2030

At the heart of our datacenters lie three groundbreaking features: a steadfast commitment to green energy, an avant-garde cooling system utilizing hydro and immersion technologies, and pioneering heat re-use processes. Together, these elements shape a facility that's not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.