An All Around blockchain-based investment plateform

The concept of banking institutions is going through a revolutionary transition. We have reached a point where the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies is making a grand entrance in our daily lives. Sesterce offers a new way of joining this new paradigm of value transfer between people. By doing so, we enable you to start mining with the best hardware available on the market, at the best price.

A complete offer on new blockchain investment models

Cloud Mining, Miners, Masternodes, Hosting, Pool. Our offer on digital asset infrastructures is both simple and thorough.

Reliable customer support

Our customer service, based in France, is available to answer any questions or queries you may have.

An all around the world actor

We offer our services and deliver of our products all over the world with a team dispatched in France, Hong Kong and the US

A trusted actor

Today, Sesterce is positioned as a reputable European member of the global mining scene with consequent partnerships and a significant market-share.

Sesterce's key advantages

3 offices worldwide.

More than 30 partners around the world.

French based company under the law of European Union

The determination to provide the best customer experience.

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Complete solutions for mining cryptocurrencies

We provide services for our clients all over the world. We work with private clients just as well as with global companies worldwide. Our activity includes,offering mining hardware, cloud mining contracts.

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Sesterce Mining is currently leading the market as the worlds' biggest mining e-commerce platform with more tthan 400 orders per month, and more than 120 references along with worldwide shipping.

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Sesterce's cloud mining is a branch that allows you to earn your crypto-currencies with the best possible customer experience and in an entirely secure manner. No crypto-knowledge or background is required to start mining cryptocurrencies today.

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Sesterce's real mission is to set up an eco-system around blockchain assets with an increasingly wide range of services.

The group has developed a real investment and blockchain mining expertise over the last couple of yearslast years. We have the biggest catalog of services when it comes to mining. Sesterce is a group by acquisition or alliance of several major players in blockchain in Europe, with the intention to become a global player and a worthy representative of Europe in this market.

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