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Our 100% green, modular, low-cost data centers represent the pinnacle of efficiency.

With meticulous design and renewable energy sources, we ensure both minimal environmental impact and superior performance. Their modular nature promotes scalability and adaptability, while our advanced technologies keep costs low.


Green Energy

At Sesterce, our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our operations, including our pledge to power our data centers with 100% green energy.

We've harnessed the potential of renewable energy sources to fuel our advanced facilities, ensuring both the preservation of our environment and the optimization of digital processes. Our dedication to a greener future is not just a promise - it's at the core of every data byte processed.


Machine Learning

Leveraging the power of technology for a sustainable future, Sesterce proudly presents Machine Learning (ML) cloud models that are not only 60% cheaper than AWS services but also 100% green.

By optimizing our resources and harnessing renewable energy, we've crafted a cost-effective, eco-conscious solution that doesn't compromise on computing prowess.


Containerized Solutions

Sesterce offers compact, containerized data centers optimized for GPU-based computing, ideal for AI and machine learning applications. Their efficient design ensures high performance in a scalable solution.


Unleashing Potential, Building the Future.

At Sesterce, we believe in envisioning beyond the horizon. We're more than just a renewable energy and high-tech infrastructure company; we're architects of a sustainable future.

Our mission is to redefine the interface of technology and renewable energy, establishing new paradigms in an industry ready for change.

Of green energy
Renewable Energy
Green Datacenters

We take the subject of corporate culture to heart.

Under the code name 'Life at Sesterce' this integral vertical of the group is led by a care team dedicated to the well-being of our talents. Bootcamps, personal follow-ups, lean management, goal-oriented organization, remote working, perks and much more are part of our philosophy of creating a happy team, maximizing their sense of well-being.